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The Search. How Google and it's Rivals Rewrote The Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture.

The Library of Alexandria was the first time humanity attempted to bring the sum total of  human knowledge together in once place at one time. Our latest attempt? Google. Said Brewster Kahle, entrepreneur and founder of Internet Archive.

By the fall of 2001, the Internet industry was in full retreat. Hundreds of once promising start-ups- mine among them lay smoldering in bankruptcy. The dreams of Internet riches, of changing the world of business and reshaping our culture in the process, dreams celebrated in magazine cover stories and television special and unheard of stock market validations, well those dreams were stone-cold dead.

Still smarting from the loss of my own Internet business and wondering whether the Internet story could ever pick itself up off the ground, I stumbled across the line the first edition of Google Zeitgeist. Zeitgeist is a clever public relations tool that summarizes search...

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The Search - How Google - John Battelle

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